HPE NFV Director : 다양한 버전의 VNF(Virtual Network Function, 가상 네트워크 기능) 통합관리 솔루션
  • ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute, 유럽통신표준협회)의 표준 프레임웍의 NFV Management and Orchestration 기능을 HPE NFVD 솔루션이 수행
NFVD 관리영역
NFVD HA Architecture
  • Manages network services.
  • Manages NS and VNF packages (functions such as on-boarding new NS and VNF packages).
  • Creates new NS on demand.
  • Lifecycle management of NS instantiation and NS instance—includes functions such as update, scale-out/in, event collection and correlation, and termination.
  • Manages integrity and visibility of NS instances through their lifecycle and also manages the relationship between the NS instances and the VNF instances.
  • Manages NS instance topology across the entire operator domain.
  • Monitors NS instances.
  • Manages NS instance automation across the entire Operator domain.
  • Manages policies and enforces them for the NS instances.
  • HPE NFVD는 다른 종류의 Hardware platform과 Virtualization 환경에서도 각각의 VNF를 효율적으로 작동하게 함.
  • HPE NFVD는 NFV Orchestrator 기능이 ETSI 사양을 충족하도록 설계됨.
    (NFV Orchestrator: Orchestration and management of NFV infrastructure, software resources, and realizing network services)
  • HPE NFVD는 다양한 업체에서 제공되는 다양한 Version의 VNF가 구축되어 있어도 문제없이 조화롭게 작동할 수 있게 함.